Liam started his career in music as a member of the highly successful folk/bluegrass group Jargon in the late 70's. The group also featured singer songwriter Charlie McGettigan, who (along with Paul Harrington) would go on to win the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994 with his song Rock n' Roll Kids. Following a stint during which the band enjoyed considerable success on the Irish folk scene, Liam moved into more traditional waters as a session player with Stockton’s Wing as bassist, drummer, and guitarist during the early 1980’s. Liam toured internationally with the band.

In 1984, Liam joined the successful Sligo-based Hennigan's Blooze Band. He played rhythm and lead guitar and wrote and recorded two Irish top ten singles for the band in 1986 and 1987. In 1988, Liam moved from rock to country when he joined Ray Lynam's country rock band which toured Ireland, the UK and United States.

In the 1990's, Liam continued to expand his musical horizons and became an in-demand session and recording musician. He also secured a publishing deal for his original songs with Warner Music in Germany. He toured in Denmark and Belgium with Eleanor Shanley and Charlie McGettigan and performed at the ‘Tonder Music Festival’.

He also played with Irish country singer Pat Ely and the Rocky Tops on several tours of England as well as touring with Chris Meehan and his Redneck friends for a time. During the late 1990's and early 2000's Liam focused his musical energies nearer to home and played with several very successful regional bands including the Bubblemen and the Passengers.

He also continued to record with both local and nationally known artists. In early 2006, Liam joined with former band mates to form the Rock n' Roll Circus which broke up in the winter of 2006. 



Gerry started his career playing guitar with local pub groups in the Northwest and got his first taste of the pro circuit when he joined the Ritchie Fitzgerald Ceili Band on a tour of England's Irish clubs in early 1974. Later that same year, he teamed up with a young Welsh girl, Philomena Ellis (a.k.a. Sandy Kelly) in her first Irish band, Easy Listenin'. Sandy left to join the Fairways and Gerry relocated to Galway to join the showband scene when he was picked as the original lead guitarist with Magic and The Swallows (who would soon be renamed The Magic Band) in mid 1974.

In late 1975, Gerry returned to the Northwest and formed the band Sundown playing local pubs, dances, and weddings. In late 1976, Gerry headed to the United States where he arrived in California and got a gig with the resident Bill McClure Band in Newport Beach. After a few months, a young female singer, Kim McCormick joined the band and within a year they married and returned to Ireland.

In 1978, Gerry (with Kim) went back to the ballroom circuit with The Kim Newport Band. During the next five and a half years, the band toured Ireland constantly and Gerry also penned nearly a dozen songs which the band released and performed on RTE. He formed his own publishing company (Gala Music) and Record Company (Sunset Records) as well. Sunset records released all the band's records as well as discs for The Duskeys, Pluto and Donal McLynn, among others.

Throughout this period Gerry also made appearances with several other bands including Stage 2, The Fairways, and Pat Ely's Rocky Tops. In the early 80's he also started recording local bands in Sligo including both Jargon and Those Nervous Animals. 

In 1983, Gerry and Kim returned to the States once again and lived in Southern California. In 1990, they relocated to Atlanta, Georgia and Gerry built his own 16 track studio and started working with a variety of clients, doing most of his work in voiceover and commercial videos. In 1994 Gerry added video production to his business. In 2007, Gerry returned to the Northwest and was reintroduced to Liam after first recording him with Jargon 25 years earlier.


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