New Single - Sligo Bound

The first single from the new CD, Crossroads Country is the original number, Sligo Bound.  Written by Gerry, the song tells the tale of the weary world traveller longing to return to his home town.

The CD single also includes Driving My Life Away and the Johnny Cash classic Folsom Prison Blues.  All three tracks, along with fifteen others are available on the band's first CD, Crossroads Country, which is now on sale. 

Crossroads Single

Sligo Bound
Driving My Life Away
Folsom Prison Blues

Crossroads Country

Crossroads has been in the studio for the past few months putting the final touches on two CDs, the first of which, Crossroads Country, was released in September, 2012.

Although both Liam and Gerry are no strangers to recording, this is their first CD release as Crossroads and includes a number of country songs the boys have been performing for the past few years.

Samples of the tracks on the CD are available below.

This is just the start though, the boys have also been working another CD and have over 30 tracks ready to go.

Full track listing:

1. Driving My Life Away
2. Folsom Prison Blues
3. Call Me the Breeze
4. Sunday Morning Coming Down
5. Always on My Mind
6. Coward of the County
7. Liza Jane
8. Lay Down Sally
9. Goodtime Charlie’s Got The Blues
10. Ghost Riders In The Sky
11. Desperado
12. Sligo Bound
13. Annie’s Song
14. Four Country Roads
15. Feels So Right

Crossroads Country Samples

Sligo Bound - featuring Gerry (new single)
Driving My Life Away - featuring Liam
Coward of the County - featuring Gerry
Always on My Mind - featuring Liam
Folsom Prison Blues - featuring Gerry
Little Liza Jane - featuring Liam
Feels So Right - featuring Gerry
Call Me The Breeze - Featuring Liam

Other Side of the Trax

Once Liam and Gerry started working on their debut CD, they realised they had a problem, their set features material from a wide variety of genres. Not only do they feature country songs on a nightly basis, they also feature pop and rock and the blues. In fact, they have regularly featured their rock and blues on special nights for the last few years.

In the end, they decided the only solution was to produce two different CD's: one which featured country and the "Other Side of the Trax." With songs as diverse as Sweet Home Alabama, The House In A-Rockin', Dreadlock Holiday, and Hey Bartender, the boys feature their versatility and guitar playing on a full range of classic pop, rock and blues.  

Full Track Listing:

1. Dreadlock Holiday
2. Make Me Smile 
3. Distant Sun
4. Hey Bartender
5. Sweet Home Chicago
6. Into the Great Wide Open
7. House Is A Rockin’
8. Sultans of Swing
9. I'm Tore Town
10. Long Train Running
11. Phone Booth
12. La Grange
13. Don't Stop
14. Sweet Home Alabama
15. The Thrill Is Gone

Other Side of the Trax Samples

Sultans of Swing - featuring Liam
The House Is A Rockin' - featuring Gerry
Dreadlock Holiday - featuring Liam
La Grange - featuring Gerry
Distant Sun - featuring Liam
Hey Bartender - featuring Gerry

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