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How can I contact the band directly
You can reach us through email, the website or mobile phone.
Email: crossroads@gmsproductions.com
Website: Use our online querys form
Phone: Call Gerry at 086-835-5542 or Liam at 087-125-3924

How do I book the band?
There are several options for booking Crossroads depending on your event and time constraints. It can be as simple as a phone call and we can send you a written confirmation via post or email. You can even book the band online by filling in our online booking form.  

How far will the band travel?
We are based in Sligo and regularly play around the Northwest (Sligo, Mayo and Donegal) however, we are available to play dates all across Ireland. Both Liam and Gerry have played in every county of Ireland in the past twenty years. 

We also need a DJ, can you help me?
We pride ourselves on being able to offer a full range of services to our clients. This includes pre-event receptions to a DJ to help finish off the perfect wedding reception. One of the advantages of using these services is that there is only one set of equipment to set up and absolutely no break between the band and the DJ. You are assured of consistently high quality entertainment from the beginning to end of your event, and more importantly, it will cost you less.   

How much time does the band need to set up?
Although it takes only takes 40 - 50 minutes to set up the equipment, we generally arrive much earlier to ensure we have time to run through a sound and equipment check before your guests arrive. We do this to ensure your event will not be interrupted by our set up crew, or the evening spoiled by faulty equipment, poor sound, or any other possible musical mishap. We request that the stage is available to the band at least one hour prior to the start of your event. For a typical wedding, we are ready to start approximately one hour after the stage is available to the band to setup, but we would prefer to set up in the afternoon, before the reception starts, if the hotel allows it.

How Long Will The Band Play?
For weddings, we generally play between two and two and a half hours. However,  the simple answer to the question is, "as long as it takes!"  We can tailor our program to be as long or short as your event requires. For corporate events and parties we can play up to three hours if it is arranged in advance.

Does the band use stage lighting?
We have invested in a full professional 3,000 watt DMX/MIDI stage lighting system. Because of our unique MIDI system, the lighting is actually built into the show on a song by song basis. We also provide a sound-to-light system to light the dance floor for the disco if we are providing that service. Our goal is to provide the most exciting visual presentation possible for your event.

What is the band's line up?
Most of the time, we are a two piece with full backing tracks. However, Crossroads can provide any line up between two and five musicians. Because of our unique IMSS (Integrated MIDI Sound System), the sound the band produces remains consistent. Our main instruments are: guitars (electric and acoustic), keyboards, bass and drums. We request that if possible you hear us before booking us and everyone that has done so has been more than happy with our two piece sound, which obviously is less expensive. 

What is the band's dress code?
As professional musicians, we understand the importance of dressing suitably for every event. When you book us for your event, we ask you to specify your preference.

Do you cater for all age groups?
As you can see from our extensive set lists, Crossroads can provide music for all ages in all genres. With over 40 years of playing experience between us, we have played everything from folk to pop to country to blues and rock 'n roll. Our sets can be custom tailored for your audience and include hits from the 50's and 60's right up to the present day charts, as well as country, ballads, and folk.  

How can we be sure you will do what you say?
We understand that when you are organizing an event (whether a wedding, corporate function, or party) you have plenty to worry about without thinking about the band. To ensure your event will be musically trouble free, we give you a full description of what we will do in our confirmation and we guarantee we will do everything we say, when we say.

In the past I have been at events where the band was very loud,  how loud are Crossroads?
As mentioned above, we have a unique sound system which allows us to control every facet of our performance. We have played in every type and size of venue and can be as quiet as background music, or loud enough (without being too loud) to "rock the house." Our 2000 watt sound system is capable of providing the best musical experience "from a whisper to a scream."

My uncle does a mean Frank Sinatra, do you allow singers from the crowd?
We leave this choice to you, however we would suggest that keeping guest singers to a minimum will help keep the evening's entertainment moving. If desired, we can provide full Karaoke backing tracks if you will tell us in advance what songs will be performed. We have a full range of Karaoke tracks available as part of our DJ service.

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